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Rifle Building, Restorations, and Gunsmith Services


Specializing in rifle building and complete restorations of British, German, and European high-quality double rifles and shotguns using traditional pre-war methods and craftsmanship.


Metal Work

German Claw Mounts (Mauser, Drillings, and Double Rifles)
Rust Bluing and Color Case Hardening
Damascus Re-Browning
Parts Fabrication
Rebarrel Bolt-Action Rifles
Bolt Handle Alterations
Reharden Receiver
Hinge Pin Replacement


Stock Work
Leather-Covered Pad (Double or Single Border)
Stock Bending
Re-Checkering (English or American)
Gold/Silver Oval
Trap Buttplates and Grips
Silvers Pad
Refinishing (Oil, Build-up, and Lacquers)
Stock Repairs

Barrel Work
Traditonal Rust Bluing
Barrel Striking
Rib Relay
Choke Alterations
Lengthen Forcing Cone
Chamber Sleeving
Re-Engrave Barrel Address

We offer a wide variety of other gunmithing services, if you don't see the service you require, please contact us.

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